U.S. Army Holds All-Army Combatives Championship

U.S. Army Holds All-Army Combatives Championship
The United States Army is spending the week of April 10-17 holding their Infantry Week competition at Fort Benning, Ga. Among the four events contested has been the All-Army Combatives Championship, known as the Lacerda Cup.

The competition is designed to test the hand-to-hand combat skills of the army's leading combatives practitioners for both men and women in eight separate weight classes. Held over a three-day period, first day bouts consisted of mostly grappling, while day two featured open-hand strikes and day three progressed to pretty much full out mixed martial arts fights. The final day also featured a tactical competition where teams of fighters paired off.

Also held during infantry week are the International Sniper Competition, the Best Mortar Competition and the Best Ranger Competition.

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