Pereira Wins Second Title at Glory 77

Alex Pereira

An epic Glory kickboxing show saw Alex Pereira become the first fighter to win the organization's undisputed championship in two different weight classes Saturday in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Pereira, the middleweight title holder, captured the light heavyweight belt earning a split decision victory over defending champion Artem Vakhitov.

Glory 77 also featured heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven defeating Hesdy Gerges and then Tarik Khbabez to win a four-man heavyweight tournament. In the show's most wild moment, welterweight title challenger Murthel Groenhart attempted a flying knee against champion Cedric Doumbe but launched himself over the top rope and out of the ring when Doumbe sidestepped. Though Groenhart climbed back in the ring, he seemed as if he might have hurt his back and moments later took a huge overhand right to the head that knocked him out.

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