Epic Grudge Match to Headline UFC 272
After three long years, It's finally here. Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington have agreed to let their Mixed Martial arts skills do the talking on March 5 at UFC 272.
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Bruce Lee’s “10,000 Kicks” Challenge – Complete 10,000 Kicks in 10 Days

2021 Update!

The Power of the Martial Spirit = Master Yourself so You Can Be of Service to the World.
For millions of Americans, hungry kids are their reality. Not enough money to buy groceries. Not enough food to last until the next paycheck.

Black Belt Magazine, The Bruce Lee Foundation, and Sifu Harinder Singh are calling all Martial Artists and School Owners to come together to Kick Off the New Year and unite to Kick Hunger Away. Let’s make #10000KICKS go viral.

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Grassroots Judo
Recently I visited my long term student and friend John Moe’s outdoor class. He founded the Discover Judo approximately 20 years ago. Unfortunately due to the loss of revenue from the Pandemic he was forced to close his facility down. However as the resourceful head Sensei, John Moe came up with a very unique solution.
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Checkley Sin Kwok-lam
(Photo: Facebook/MasterSinForum)
Checkley Sin Kwok-lam, producer of the Ip Man kung fu film series starring Black Belt Hall of Famer Donnie Yen, has become the first person to announce his intentions to run for chief executive of Hong Kong in the city's upcoming elections.
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