This article appeared on JudoInside.com website. One of the five original Olympic sports, judo has been a part of the global landscape for over a hundred years. Judo's popularity has waned and waxed over those one hundred years, but the martial art has always maintained a core group of diehard practitioners.

In recent years, however, judo has seen something of a resurgence in popularity due in no small part to the increased prominence of mixed martial arts (MMA). Indeed, this resurgence has also provided sports bettors, particularly in the United States, using the best sites listed on GamblingSites.com to be provided with new betting opportunities to enhance their wagering experiences, thus further adding a spotlight on the sport and creating questions regarding its absence across some combat disciplines where it could have a place.

But why should judo be in the MMA's spotlight? Let's take a look at some of the possible reasons that can be argued regarding why it should be given the light it deserves.

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