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Growing up, did you often hear that you’ll grow up to be like the people you surround yourself with?

That advice is something that is stuck in between the ears of many of us and yet, it has more depth than many at first notice. First, yes – it is important to bear in mind the company we keep. If we surround ourselves with high quality people, we often unconsciously elevate ourselves to the same level of excellence. Of course, the unfortunate opposite can be true if we carry the company of lazy and sloven folks.

Here’s where it gets tricky however. We don’t just assimilate to the people we hang out with on the weekends. We assimilate to our environment – the media we consume, the thoughts and words we entertain, and the places we frequent.

To send our improvements into hyperdrive, we have to take stock of what we are unconsciously digesting and ensure it is high quality and aligned with what we desire.

With that being said, it can be so hard to find the gorgeous treasure of helpful information when there is so much to sift through out there in the wide world.

Breathe. Wipe the worried sweat off of your forehead. I’ve got your back!

Listed below our five written resources you can delve into to kickstart the elevation of your environment.

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