7 Deadly Sins of Street Fighting: Technique or Attribute Greed

Author Matt Numrich executes a head butt on his training partner.

Matt Numrich (right)

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Some self-defense practitioners and martial artists lack balance in their training. One month, they might focus on technique development and the next month on attribute development.

To understand the dangers of taking either one to the extreme, you first have to understand the difference between a technique and an attribute.

A technique is the mechanical part of a move — the how-to. An attribute is a quality you possess that helps you pull off your techniques in real life. Examples of attributes include coordination, timing, distancing, speed, power and sensitivity.

Those who are greedy with respect to techniques may know a lot of moves but lack the athletic ability to make them work when it counts.

Those who are greedy with respect to attributes may possess incredible athletic ability but lack knowledge of which techniques are right for a given situation.

Redemption: Balance your training by seeking education on the best techniques for the street while putting in the training time needed to make them function physically. Just make sure you pay attention to the sixth sin, which will be posted separately.

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Text and photo by Matt Numrich, M.A.

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