Marvin Vettori fell into the trap that so many Israel Adesanya opponents make, bringing the fight to the UFC middleweight champion then paying the price losing a one-sided unanimous decision in Saturday's UFC 263 main event from Arizona. Having struggled against Vettori in winning a split decision 3 years ago, Adesanya displayed his precise, counter striking game this time around moving and avoiding most of Vettori's blows while answering with sharp punches and kicks.

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Joe "The Brown Bomber" Louis is often rated as one of the heaviest punchers in boxing history. We know that he augmented his natural power with Jack Blackburn's schooling on his step-and-punch method.

Louis also had speed. For a big man, he put some quick movements together.

Speed is often an innate attribute. It can be helped along with smooth, efficient drilling, but for the most part, speed is a God-given gift. But there's an attribute of speed that can be developed, and that speedy attribute is balance.

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The Covid-19 pandemic brought challenges to the martial arts industry that have never been seen before.

In my latest series of articles "Martial Arts After the Pandemic," I examined how school owners and organizations had to adapt to the new environment. Even though some school owners managed to find new ways to keep their businesses running, and keep students engaged, many took heavy losses.

While most school owners are clawing their way back from the economic abyss brought on by Covid-19, it will be years, if ever, that they can find a way to pay off the debt and unforeseen expenses brought on by the required shutdowns.

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Barbara Matic became Croatia's first ever judo world champion Thursday fighting off a late choke attempt to defeat Japan's Yoko Ono in the women's 70 kg finals in Budapest, Hungary. Matic scored late with a tani otoshi throw tripping Ono to the mat though Ono got a strong grip on the lapel of Matic's gi going for the choke. But Matic was able to survive until time expired to claim the title.

While Matic came into the world championships unseeded, Spain's Nikoloz Sherazadishvili was the number one seed in the men's 90 kg class and lived up to the billing winning the gold. Sherazadishvili had to go into golden score (overtime) to secure the title in the finals against Uzbekistan's Davlat Bobonov where he countered Bobonov's outside trip attempt with an inside trip to take the match.