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Learn the Real Chuck Norris Facts

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Like most netizens, we love Chuck Norris jokes. But Chuck Norris is more than just an aging action hero. As this classic interview with Sara Fogan shows, the former karate champion is also a deeply spiritual man who has devoted his life to helping children. Here are the real Chuck Norris facts.

“In Missing in Action
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The Protector Review | Vintage Tony Jaa Movies

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

The Protector, reminds me of what I miss about being a kid. As the youngest of Generation X, I lived in the golden age of martial arts media.

I witnessed the ninja fad permeate pop culture, watched Chuck Norris on Walker, Texas Ranger, and paid to see Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme kick butt in
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