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Black Belt Magazine’s Best Martial Arts Videos of 2011

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Black Belt magazine turned 50 this year. What became the world’s leading martial arts magazine started in 1961 as a small black-and-white publication with a stapled spine. Today, Black Belt is a full-color magazine, an ever-expanding book library and an instructional-DVD archive — and a website featuring hundreds of articles from the magazine’s 50-year treasure
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Japanese Weapons Master Masayuki Shimabukuro Demonstrates Samurai Sword-Cutting Techniques in Advanced Samurai Swordsmanship DVD Preview!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

In their new Japanese martial arts DVD collection, Advanced Samurai Swordsmanship, samurai sword masters Masayuki Shimabukuro and Carl E. Long detail and demonstrate a variety of samurai sword techniques. In this exclusive DVD preview, Long introduces Shimabukuro’s cutting demonstration, or suemono giri. “We’re going to explore the more advanced section of test cutting,” he explains.
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Samurai Facts vs. Samurai Myths and Legends: Finding the Best Sword

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Welcome to part two of our series: Samurai Facts vs. Samurai Myths and Legends. To help us separate fact from fiction, we asked Samurai Swordsmanship authors Masayuki Shimabukuro and Carl E. Long to answer the most common questions we receive about Samurai history and Japanese swords.

Samurai Myth No.1: The best swords are now made in
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