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The sprawl is the No. 1 move to thwart any takedown maneuver. Derived from wrestling, a sprawl counters a lower-body takedown attempt such as the oft-used double-leg takedown. A fighter executes a sprawl when he throws his legs back and applies downward pressure with his hips. He simultaneously spreads his legs wide apart to thwart the opponent's attempt at securely grasping one or both of his legs for a takedown. Coupled with a cross-face, a quarter nelson or a simple head push-down, a sprawl puts a fighter in a good position to break free, stand up again or transition to a more advantageous ground-fighting position.

Pankration, Boxing and Wrestling: 3 Combat Sports From Ancient Greece

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

In the Panhellenic games of ancient Greece, wrestling, boxing and pankration were called the “heavy events.” The term was chosen to describe combative contests in those arts because they were not only crowd favorites but also the domain of the larger and heavier athlete.
Greek Martial Art #1: Wrestling
Wrestling is Greece’s oldest combat sport, and it
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