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The hook punch, along with the rear cross and rear overhand, is one of the core, bread-and-butter punches. It's a boxing-based bent arm, horizontal, outside-in curved punch directed to the head (jaw) and body (ribs, liver, spleen). It is executed with either hand in the lead and rear positions. It is the most potent knockout punch in MMA or boxing because, when hitting the jaw, it torques the brainstem and rattles the brain. The hook punch can be thrown parallel to the ground or at a variation of angles, depending on the opponent's position.

4 Punches Perfected! Learn to Strike the Way Boxers Do, Part 2

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

If you trained under a boxing coach, this is how you’d learn to execute the lead hook and the rear uppercut. When you’re done reading, click the link to examine the lead jab and the rear cross!
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Jeet Kune Do Techniques: Ted Wong Shows You How to Fix 14 Mistakes

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Who better to turn to than Ted Wong — the man who many claim was Bruce Lee’s No. 1 disciple — for advice on fixing the mistakes students make in their jeet kune do techniques?
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Kyokushin Techniques: Kenji Yamaki Demonstrates Karate Moves From His 2-DVD Full-Contact Karate Techniques Set

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

In this excerpt from Kenji Yamaki’s Full-Contact Karate: Advanced Sparring Techniques and Hard-Core Physical Conditioning 2-DVD set, the 100-man-kumite survivor shows you two counters for the one-two punch.
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