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Classic Black Belt Article From 1967: Russia Prepares to Export Sambo (Part 3)

Monday, March 25th, 2013

In the conclusion of this story, the author discusses the rules of sambo competition, as well as the unique uniform practitioners wear and how it facilitates the use of certain techniques in matches.
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Improve Your MMA Training With Lyoto Machida’s Shotokan Karate Techniques and Tactics (Part 3)

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

In Part 3 of our three-part series on Lyoto Machida fighting techniques, we look at his boxing, sweeps, kicks and fight plan. Learn how you, too, can use shotokan karate tactics in the octagon!
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Master the Foot Sweep: Judo’s Secret Weapon

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Judo is a way to effectively use both your physical and spiritual strength. By training you in attacks and defenses, it refines your body and your soul, and it helps you make the spiritual essence of judo a part of your very being. In this way, you are able to strive toward self-perfection and contribute
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