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The cross-face is a wedge that thwarts an opponent's double- or single-leg takedown. As a defensive wrestling countermove, the technique uses a fighter's forearm as a barrier between the fighter's body and his opponent's head. The wedge allows the competitor to rotate the opponent's head in a direction that is opposite of his forward driving motion. By cranking his head and putting pressure on his neck, the cross-face prevents an adversary from securing his takedown.

6 Edged-Weapon Techniques to Save Your Life: Part 2

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

The following is the continuation of “6 Edged-Weapon Techniques to Save Your Life: Part 1.”

When someone attacks another person with a knife, he has all his focus on planting that weapon in his target, and his weapon arm is bristling with energy. If all you do is block the swing or manage to grab
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