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A fighter is in back control, a fundamental grappling position, when his opponent's back is facing the fighter's chest. This is a very advantageous position to obtain because the opponent can't see, strike at or defend against the attacker; he's at the fighter's mercy. However, back control is not a submission hold; instead, it is a position from which to transition and perform other techniques or strikes. Competitors can execute back control from any position, regardless of whether the opponent is prone, supine, seated or turtled. A fighter can further secure his position by using grapevines or underhooks. If the opponent is prone, the position also can be referred to as a "back mount."

New Jean Jacques Machado Grappling DVDs Coming Soon! Set Will Feature Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed-Martial Arts Techniques!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Based on their acclaimed best-selling book of the same name, Jean Jacques Machado and Jay Zeballos’ highly anticipated three-DVD set, The Grappler’s Handbook: Gi and No-Gi Techniques, serves as a martial arts multimedia companion wherein the two Brazilian jiu-jitsu masters demonstrate takedowns, chokes, holds and submissions in living color and in exhaustive detail. Filmed at
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Learn Two Closed-Guard Submissions From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Legend Jean Jacques Machado in New BJJ Video!

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

In this exclusive Brazilian jiu-jitsu video filmed at Black Belt, Jean Jacques Machado — former national and international grappling tournament champion, recent red-and-black-striped belt recipient (from Rickson Gracie), 2011 Black Belt Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year, and author of the best-selling The Grappler’s Handbook Vol. 1: Gi and No-Gi Techniques and The Grappler’s
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Reverse the Flow of Any BJJ Match With Jean Jacques Machado’s Defensive Tactics

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Jean Jacques Machado has won every major Brazilian jiu-jitsu title in Brazil. Renowned for his grappling skills, the world-champion BJJ instructor shares his winning strategies with you in his new book, The Grappler’s Handbook Vol. 2: Tactics for Defense, available today!

The Grappler’s Handbook Vol. 2 teaches you how to defend against the most dangerous submission
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