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KAPAP Combat Concepts Vol. 4 DVD Preview

As the tactical foundation of Israeli defense and security forces, kapap’s face-to-face combat system continues to serve a vital role in modern self-defense. This four-DVD collection expands on content found in the Kapap Combat Concepts book, illustrating concepts in real-time with a variety of instructors and experts led by system co-creators Avi Nardia and Albert Timen and special Brazilian jiu-jitsu adviser John Machado. Topics include relative position, attacking sensory points, body conditioning for combat, third-party protection, holds and releases, gun disarms, shared principles with Philippine martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, drills for multiple-opponent attacks and much more! Volume 4: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Applications focuses on special kapap combat lessons with Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert John Machado, knife-threat escapes, handgun defenses from the ground, escaping a guillotine hold, controlling the fight on the ground, defending yourself in the guard position, and drills for multiple opponents.


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