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Jeet Kune Do Master Richard Bustillo Answers Your Questions

Jeet Kune Do Master Richard Bustillo Answers Your Questions

Have I ever shared with you my favorite part of working at Black Belt? It’s that I get to learn from the world’s best instructors. If I’ve got a question about developing situational awareness, all I have to do is pick up the phone and Kelly McCann will teach me how to identify potential threats. If I need help perfecting a choke, I can drive down to “Judo” Gene LeBell’s studio and he’ll show me how to lock it in so tightly that it feels like my neck is caught in a bear trap. How cool is that?

I want to give you the same opportunities to learn from the legends. I knew Richard Bustillo would be visiting us, so I asked our Facebook fans what questions they would present to the jeet kune do master.

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Here are some of our favorite questions you asked, along with Richard Bustillo’s responses.

Gary Castleberry: What is the single most important thing you learned from sifu Lee? And do you consider JKD a concept of what a complete martial art should be or a style within itself?

Richard Bustillo: The most important thing I’ve learned from Bruce Lee is honesty. Every individual should honestly think for himself/herself, accepting only what works for himself/herself that makes good practical sense. The individual is more important than any style or system. Jeet kune do is Bruce Lee’s personable approach to fighting for survival in an uncontrolled situation. His art is founded upon body mechanics, simplicity, effectiveness and adaptability. It is based on his concepts, principles, philosophies and personal training methods.[read more]

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Brian Garrett: How would Bruce do in the UFC?

Richard Bustillo: Bruce Lee would love the MMA in UFC. His [goal was] to be well-rounded in all the combative ranges of martial arts. I truly believe Bruce Lee would adapt his training to the grappling arts of wrestling/jiu-jitsu and win in his weight class, in his time. Remember, Bruce Lee would be 70 years old today.

Java Bomani: Other than Bruce Lee, what single individual had the most influence in shaping your martial life?

Richard Bustillo: Dan Inosanto was instrumental in my martial arts growth. For 20 years I was his training partner, assistant, business partner, apprentice and best friend. However, if it weren’t for Bruce Lee, there would be no Dan Inosanto.


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  1. Tim says

    It’s great to hear answers to answers to questions direct from the masters. On a related note, I just published an interview with JKD Sifu Ron Balicki, another one of Sifu Inosanto’s top students.

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  2. Gary says

    I would like to thank Sifu Bustillo for his answer to my question. Thank you Sir. That was a very comprehensive answer.

    Gary Castleberry–Flower Mound Texas

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