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Black Belt Books Delivers Martial Arts Training on the Go!

Black Belt Books Delivers Martial Arts Training on the Go!

Take the wisdom from the greatest martial artists and self-defense experts wherever you go with Black Belt ebooks.

Martial arts enthusiasts can now download titles and start reading from the masters instantly. Black Belt ebooks are the portable version of some of its popular titles.

Now martial artists can download these ebooks on reading devices such as the Kindle and Nook—with iPad versions coming soon. These ebooks are available to download from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Some of Black Belt’s digital titles include the following:

Tao of Jeet Kune Do: Kindle | Nook
Chinese Gung Fu: Kindle | Nook
Bruce Lee: Wisdom for the Way: Kindle | Nook
Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method: The Complete Edition: Kindle | Nook
Combatives for Street Survival: Kindle | Nook

For the modern martial artist and the weekend warrior, Black Belt’s ebooks are a perfect portable companion for black belts on the go.


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