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Ultimate Fighting Championship

The Ultimate Fighting Championship was initially conceived as a one-time sporting event created for pay-per-view in 1993 by Rorian Gracie, Art Davie and Bob Meyrowitz. It was formed with the goal to gather various martial arts and Olympic sport champions under a “unified” tournament setting to answer the age-old ultimate question, “Which is the most effective martial art?” Inspired by Brazil’s vale tudo, fighters fought in a ring called the octagon and had no weight divisions.

The UFC is also the successor to the age-old, no-holds barred Chinese lei tai fighting contests in which persons, regardless of style and weight, fought on raised platforms until one was defeated by any kind of empty-hand fighting style. Many matches ended in death.

Since 1993, the UFC has become a large mixed-martial arts fighting promotion company based in Las Vegas. The UFC’s current president is Dana White.

The initial UFC competitions taught black belts, kung fu fighters and traditional martial arts practitioners that their years of training were ineffective against grapplers and ground fighters. As a result of the UFC, more marital arts now include ground fighting and grappling as part of their training regimens.

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