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Self-Defense Videos

In a reflection of today’s growing concern about self-defense and family protection, the self-defense video category boasts more videos than any other. Apart from videos demonstrating self-defense techniques derived from various martial arts, the new wave of personal-protection videos comes via pioneers in reality-based martial arts.

Creator of the self-defense program called the Reality-Based Personal Protection system, Jim Wagner is featured on 12 videos speaking about ground, knife and handgun techniques, along with crime, terrorism, defensive tactics and women’s survival skills.

Another pioneer in reality-based martial arts is former U.S. Marine Kelly McCann. Over a series of 15 videos, Kelly McCann discusses how to deal with dangerous scenarios like a lapel grab and slashing knife attacks; demonstrates a chin jab, the jugular notch and cupped hand strikes; explains how to handle “handshake” moments and stairway and alley strike situations; and presents other combative skills for street survival.

Other important close-quarters-combat skills videos include gun-disarm techniques by RedMan training, Mark Jordan teaching how the “stomp” can counter everything from head locks to attacks from behind, former Navy SEAL Richard Machowicz explaining how to handle knife and gun attacks, James Williams demonstrating how to use the tactical flashlight, and Mick Coup discussing the importance of self-defense target selection.

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