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MMA Fighters

Whoever coined the term mixed martial arts (we know—it was actually Rick Blume) should have called it MMMA (modern mixed martial arts) because just about every martial art historically evolved from combining previously existing styles or techniques. Choy lay fut, for example, is a mixed martial art based on the styles of three martial men. Similarly, Shaolin, taekwondo, karate and even Brazilian jiu-jitsu are combinations of other arts. Thus, MMA puts a modern spin on a very old idea.

Today’s MMA fighters are trained in Asian martial arts and Western styles of fighting and have the luxury and honor of learning from 1,000 years of martial arts tradition, combative trial and error, and the examples of millions of warriors who gave their lives for their countries and arts. As a result, MMA fighters have become superb martial arts technicians and are privileged to exercise their age-old skills under rules so modern that they can safely beat the crap out of each other without killing anyone or truly having to fight for their lives.

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    Learn UFC Champ Georges St-Pierre’s MMA Training Tactics