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Military Workouts

In military workouts, more effort is put into firearm training than close-quarters combat with knives. Hand-to-hand combat is given the lowest priority. There are three important dimensions that military workouts and marital arts training can draw from each other, which of course also can be implemented into any civilian’s workout routine.

Certain martial arts, such as kali, escrima and arnis, predominantly focus on the use of knives and sticks. They are extremely effective means of developing close-quarters-combat skills with a knife and can teach soldiers where to stab, slice or puncture their foes.

When training soldiers in unarmed combat, the military have devised self-defense workout routines that are broken down into short, easily repeatable drills that incorporate judo, escrima, boxing, muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills.

The most important way that martial arts have influenced military workouts is by injecting the “killer instinct.” As Col. Rex Applegate’s book title states, it’s Kill or Get Killed (1943). By adopting heightened aggression, superior confidence and the warrior spirit under combative conditions, a soldier learns to act with violent intent.

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