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Jean Claude Van Damme Movies

Born Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg, Jean-Claude Van Damme became the first and only martial arts film star from Belgium and the first European actor to make it big in Hollywood as a martial arts film star. With a kickboxing/karate record of 20 wins and two losses, Jean-Claude Van Damme got his big break in a vein similar to Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris appeared in Bruce Lee’s Way of the Dragon (1972), and Jean-Claude Van Damme appeared in Yuen Kwai’s (Corey Yuen) No Retreat, No Surrender (1986).

With a career spanning many A to B films as well as straight-to-DVD releases and “nowhere” movies, Jean-Claude Van Damme has retained his signature moves. One is his 360-degree jumping, spinning and splits-in-midair kick. Another is doing the splits while flexing every muscle in his body. In 2008, Jean-Claude Van Damme kicked life back into his career with a “second” breakout film. In an article about the film, JCVD, Time magazine wrote, “[Jean-Claude Van Damme] deserves not a black belt but an Oscar.”

  1. JCVD Joins “Kickboxer” Movie Reboot Starring Alain Moussi

    JCVD Joins “Kickboxer” Movie Reboot Starring Alain Moussi