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Jackie Chan Movies

As the second biggest international martial arts movie star of all time, Jackie Chan was initially touted as the next Bruce Lee, but his film-icon status was cemented through his production of kung fu comedies. With his large nose and floppy hair, Jackie Chan quickly became the clown prince of kung fu films. He didn’t replace Bruce Lee, but his films broke new ground because of his fight choreography and theater-trained martial arts skills.

Jackie Chan’s martial arts abilities came from a Beijing opera school, where training focuses on the stage instead of martial philosophies or a code of martial ethics. Because of this, even Jackie Chan admits that he’s more of an entertainer than martial artist. However, with the 1978 productions of Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow and Drunken Master, Jackie Chan became a martial arts film superstar.

Jackie Chan’s greatest contribution to martial arts cinema was the creation of a whole new martial arts film genre, wuda pian. (See category Martial Arts Movies.) He also created the Suexploitation genre. These movies showcase a character based on real-life hero Beggar Su. In the films, the character is always the sifu to the downtrodden bumpkin that eventually becomes the film’s hero.

  1. SHINJUKU INCIDENT with Jackie Chan – Sneak Peek!

    SHINJUKU INCIDENT with Jackie Chan – Sneak Peek!